History of MDP Meili AG

The history of MDP Meili AG since 1996
MDP Meili AG
In 1996, Roman Meili implemented his vision and became self-employed by setting up a mechanics business. He founded MDP Meili Design & Productions as a sole proprietorship based in the industrial district of Egelsee in Kaltenbach. As a learned tool manufacturer and trained master mechanic, he produced components for the machinery industry during this time and manufactured measurement probes for his brother’s company (MSE Meili). Used CNC-machines were purchased, renovated and put to use in production.

In 1999, the company had three employees. The first new tool machines were purchased. The machinery pool was expanded at the end of 2001 with the purchasing of two Occasion Mazak lathe milling centres. The number of employees increased to 5 and turnover continued to grow over the following years.

The ever-expanding production volume meant that the production space in Egelsee gradually became too small and expansion of the existing building was not possible. The property in Egelsee was also sold by the owner so it was no longer possible to continue renting it.

In March 2005, Roman and Helene Meili found an ideal commercial property for the production of mechanical components at Hauptstrasse 15, in the industrial district of Kaltenbach, with 1000 sqm of production space. The machinery at the new site was constantly expanded and modernised. The growth continued and as a result, the workforce increased to 18 employees including 6 apprentices. It was important to Roman Meili from the beginning that the up-and-coming specialists of the future should be trained at their own company and so where possible, young people are offered a position after completing training at MDP.

By January 1, 2008, the sole proprietorship became a joint stock company and the same year, the Meilis acquired a plot of land which joined on to the production hall to enable a possible future expansion. Another shortage of space led to planning of an extension at Hauptstrasse 15 in Kaltenbach. The 600 sqm extension by MDP Meili AG was designed at the end of 2008 and financing was secured to enable the project to be implemented as quickly as possible. However the project was delayed and the financial and economic crisis brought about a reduction in orders at MDP Meili AG. There was no hurry to complete the extension because the order books were no longer full in these difficult times. And as it turns out, this was a stroke of luck because another great opportunity arose: the chance to purchase another company!

The similarly structured Gebo Maschinenbau AG in Ramsen suddenly came up for sale. The long-standing owner, a German industrialist well past retirement age, quickly drew up a succession plan. He wanted to put the company into liquidation after the management buyout failed to go ahead. At the end of March 2009, all of the employees from Gebo Maschinenbau AG were given notice. They applied to MDP Meili AG for a new job. Now it was time for some quick decisions! On April 9, 2009, Roman Meili purchased Gebo Maschinenbau AG retrospectively from April 1, 2009.

The production space on offer at Gebo Maschinenbau AG with 2500 sqm of production space, its own machinery, its own transformer station, land reserves and an interesting customer base were the ideal complement for MDP Meili AG. And so the planned extension in Kaltenbach became superfluous. Both companies undertook production at both sites with plans for a merger at one site.

On June 1, 2011, the two companies merged retrospectively from January 1, 2011. The name of the merged companies is MDP Meili AG and the headquarters moved to Ramsen where there is greater capacity. The possibilities for future expansion are also much greater than in Kaltenbach due to the land reserves available.
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