Turning – our passion
Anfragen MDP Meili AG
Every product is only as good as the sum of its individual parts. And that’s an advantage if you can rely on a partner which supplies you with turned parts of the required quality level on time as well as understanding your requirements and taking them seriously.

We process components of up to 1600 mm diameter at our turning plant. Or perhaps you want to produce small turned parts of from 0.2 mm? We can take care of your manufacturing task with our brush-type lathe machines.

Do you use turned parts which should ideally be hand-turned? Hand-turning includes the turning of hardened steel with a hardness of up to approx. 63 HRc (Rockwell hardness). For this to be possible, the cutting edge of the turning tool needs to be harder than the steel to be processed. In hand-turning, cutting materials made from boron nitride are primarily used. Due to the very high cutting force and the fact that the boron nitride is sensitive to impacts, very stable and robust machines are used in the hand-turning process. Using these very accurate turning machines, components can be processed to such a high quality that in many cases, no expensive grinding process is required.

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Maschinenliste MDP Meili AG
• Processing of all materials
• Hand-turning
• CNC-turning up to Ø 500 mm and L = 1500 mm
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