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Sales partner
Anfragen MDP Meili AG
Our in-house development is taken over by our sales company "vorma gmbh".
Further information on the high-quality LED lights can be found at www.vorma.ch
uFlex - Individual solutions in the field of machined springs and couplings. Further information.

Push a doorstop under a closing door
Anfragen MDP Meili AG
Doorstops – aluminium surface and quality appearance. The stylish design suits any room. Our doorstops are an effective solution to the accidental opening and closing of doors and are also suitable for heavy doors. With their conical structure, they can be used immediately and anywhere, without the need to align them properly.

The doorstops are available in a range of (anodised) colours and can feature your personal logo or lettering (with laser marking carried out by us in-house).

Call us – we would be happy to make you an offer or send you a sample on request!

Salt and pepper
Anfragen MDP Meili AG
Salt and pepper mills or salt and pepper pots – a quality design in stainless steel and acrylic glass.

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Products just for you
Maschinenliste MDP Meili AG
Got an idea but don’t know how it can be implemented or produced?

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